Spiritual Love Poem | Another Part of Me

"ANOTHER PART OF ME"- a thought provoking spiritual love poem about the experience of connecting to your soul from Kyli Santiago's second poetry book "An Inspired Poet." We all have a soul. And the soul is your higher-self. Sadly, we are in our culture we are not taught to cultivate a connection to our soul. But, anyone can connect to their soul, or their higher-self through the use of meditation and other spiritual exercises that increase your connection to the divine. There are many life-changing benefits that occur when one connects to their soul i.e. increased intuition, divine communication, sense of purpose and meaning and so much more!


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Rhythmic Poetry | Into This World

Rhythmic poetry that uses poetic lyrics to tell the story of couple who had a child for the wrong reasons. It is not uncommon for people to use giving birth to a child as a tool to get what they want out of a situation. These situations regrettably have nothing to do with the child or the joy of bringing a child into this world. As it happens, many of these children grow up feeling unloved by their parents, which can leave them with damaging emotional wounds that can take a lifetime to overcome. ‘Into This Word’ is hard-hitting rhythmic poetry that tells this unfortunate story from the grown child’s point of view in the form of a ballad poem.

Romantic Love Poem | In My Dreams

A romantic love poem in which a woman expresses her desire to be more loving. An intimacy disorder can deny a person of the most basic human-need to create a close bond with another person. We are social creatures by nature, but there are many people who suffer from the inability to be loving and intimate. This disorder usually develops from some sort of early childhood trauma that an individual has endured – which teaches them that intimacy goes hand-in-hand with being hurt and even violated. “In My Dreams” is an honest and romantic love poem that expresses a woman’s inner-most thoughts and desires to overcome her fear of intimacy.

Romantic Poem For Him | Say Amen

A romantic poem for him comparing love to a religion. Sometimes a love affair can become an actual spiritual experience between two people. The passion experienced by a couple in their most private moments can almost transcend the human experience. "Say Amen" is a sensual, romantic love poem for him that describes the type of relationship that can become deeper than love - from a woman to the man she loves.

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