Soul & Spiritual Poetry – Uplift your spirit!

Spirituality is a concept related to having or seeking a connection to something bigger than ourselves. Soul poems and spiritual poetry is an excellent way to begin the journey of connecting to your soul or inviting higher forces into your life. As people, we turn to the idea of spirituality when we wish to discover the deeper meaning of life. The spiritual poems listed here will do a great job of getting you on track to discovering your higher-self, acknowledging your inner-powers, and cultivating a true spiritual connection with your soul.

Being spiritual means you nurture a connection to your soul or your higher-self. As a tool, spiritual poems and poems for the soul come in many forms. There are spiritual love poems, soulmate poems, spiritually uplifting poetry and many other types of soul poetry. Did you know that you can actually call forth your soul? That’s right it’s easy to do because your soul is your higher-self or your inner-self and it’s always right there with you. It’s just up to you to acknowledge the higher power in your life and it will reveal itself to you. The soul poems listed here can help – good luck!

Mother Manifested


A spiritual poem of encouragement stimulating belief in the higher-self

40 Days


Insightful soul poetry about how to connect to your higher-self

Unofficial Generation


A powerful lost generation poem compelling us to live with more awareness

Higher Ground


A motivational short poem on life about disconnecting from negative relationships



An entertaining example of poems and poets receiving divine communication

So Blessed


A sincere thank you poem acknowledging that your soul guides your life

Coming of Age


A spiritual coming of age poem asking questions about the soul connection

Give Me Strength


A prayer poem asking for guidance and protection from higher forces

The Force


A rhythmic soul poem about how to succeed in life by connecting to your soul

Mother of My Soul


An invocation poem about god that summons one's inner-power to the surface

A Different World


A whimsical positive poem describing the world as a utopia

Another Part of Me


A thought provoking spiritual love poem about connecting to your soul

Guiding Light


A powerful soulmates poem expressing the true love that exists in a soul connection

Holy Flower


A spiritual flower poem about the emotional and spiritual healing power of cannabis


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