Soul Poetry | 40 Days

“40 DAYS” – very insightful soul poetry explaining how to connect to your higher-self from Kyli Santiago’s sophomore poetry book “An Inspired Poet.” There are many ways to connect to your soul or your higher-self. If you type “connect to your soul” on the internet, a multitude of helpful sites containing tips, spiritual techniques, soul meditations, divine invocations, religious and non-religious prayers and even spiritual exercises – will be given to you. Soul poetry is definitely a genuine resource that will help you if you are seeking to live a life connected to your soul. And “40 Days” is a very special poem that actually details the ‘Rules of Engagement’ when connecting to your soul. It is a very interesting piece that is worth trying to understand if you are attempting to take the life-changing step of connecting to your higher-self. Good luck!


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Poetry About Healing | Healing

Insightful healing poetry about healing the mind, body and soul through the use of artistic expression. Expressing yourself artistically has the power to release suppressed emotions and moved on from past hurts. "Healing" is a profound poem about healing that poetically explains how releasing past experiences and emotions through art, can be very therapeutic and effective in healing the mind, body and spirit - as well as an intricate part of survival.

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A fun poetry inspiration poem about expressing yourself and being yourself. We are only in this life for a limited time, so we might as well enjoy it. “Play” is a poetry inspiration poem that encourages you to break the everyday monotony of life and encourages you to have fun! When you dare to go beyond the confines of society’s narrow definition of life, you open the door to living life by your own rules and on our own terms.

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Empowering poetry on life about standing strong in the face of fear. We all get scared at one time or another, especially when we are trying to overcome obstacles in order to achieve our goals. But, we can’t allow fear or being scared to get in the way of living out our dreams. “Choose Love” is poetry on life that delivers the message that when you are confronted by fear, the best thing to do is not beat yourself up for being scared but show compassion for yourself in the situation. It is good to take some time to reflect on what’s important to you and regain your composure instead of deciding to give up. Before you know it, you will have the courage to face you fears head on!

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