Relationship Poetry – Human bonds expressed in words!

Relationships are undeniably one of the major cornerstones of our existence. Relationship poetry has the ability to put the complexities of human bonds and interaction into words.

Just as relationships take on many forms, so does poetry about relationships. There are good relationship poems, troubled relationship poems, poems about family relationships, couple poems, and much more. All of which, have something important to say about the importance of human connection. Relationships also help to shape who we are as people. And it’s no secret, that personal relationships can be challenging, to say the least. The best relationship poems skillfully echo this reality.

So, whether you are interested in a poem about a romantic relationship, marriage, friendship or even a relationship with a family member – you will find that our expansive compilation of original poems on relationships covers a wide range of relationship topics that are sure to impact you on an emotional level.


Not Willing To Lose


A self-love poem in which the speaker is unwilling to give up her identity for approval

I'm Gone


A sad relationship poem about disconnecting from the source of your pain

Trusted Friend


A deep friendship betrayal poem that confronts a disloyal friend

Your Love Is My Pain


A sad love poem for the one you love that is a desperate plea to be loved in return

Loveless Game


An emotional abuse poem about being victimized verbally and emotionally

Lost My Way


A short poem about love that portrays a dependable lover despite difficulties

Cuts Like A Knife


A poem on relationships that demands a serious change in the relationship

Break Away


Emotional poetry confessing it's often the people closest to you that hurt you most

Two Ugly Faces


A broken friendship poem calling-out the deceptive actions of a fake friend

Not Pretending


A troubled relationship poem addressing the truth about a hurtful relationship

Opportunity Lost


A poem about death of a loved-one showing regret over a broken relationship in life

Walking Away


A powerful uplifting poem about taking the power back in your life

Didn't Know It Then


An one-sided love poem about being taken advantage of in a new relationship



A complicated relationship poem expressing frustration in a hurtful relationship

Behind Your Smile


An intelligent bad friendship poem about being cautious of company we keep

The Last Time


An emotional hurt poem in which the person has reached their breaking-point

Since You Left


A sad missing you poem about missing someone you love

In My Dreams


A romantic love poem in which a woman expresses her desire to be more loving

Never Felt So Free


A liberating confidence poem about ending a damaging relationship

Forget About Me


A tense broken relationship poem that shuts out all possibility of reconciliation

Cold As Ice


Eye-opening relationship poetry confronting issues of mistreatment in relationships

Far Away From You


I love you poem about the desire to be close despite relationship difficulties


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