Poem About God | Mother of My Soul

"MOTHER OF MY SOUL" - an invocation poem about god that acknowledges and calls forth the presence of your higher-power from Kyli Santiago's second poetry book "An Inspired Poet." Did you know that you can actually call forth your soul? That’s right it’s easy to do because your soul is your higher-self or your inner-self and it’s always right there with you. It’s just up to you to acknowledge the higher power in your life and it will reveal itself to you. Whether you see a vision, have a dream, hear a word, or are just inspired by some new idea – just pay attention and you will begin to see your soul at work in your life! However, like any other important relationship in your life, you must nurture a relationship with your higher-self. The more time you spend alone in meditation or just sitting in silence, the more you will see proof of your soul’s infinite presence and power. “Mother of My Soul” is a poem about god that provides a good starting ground to begin a soul relationship with god, by helping you to take the first step of summoning your inner-power to the surface. Keep in mind – you can call your soul whatever you wish – Father, Higher-Self, Mother or Father-God, Ralph … you do not have to call it Mother.


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Poem About Failing | I’m Not Laughing

An introspective poem about failing in which the speaker reveals her inner-most thoughts about feeling like a failure in life. Sometimes we can be so caught up with trying to attain a goal that life just passes us by. “I’m Not Laughing” is a reflective poem about failing where a person who is looking back on their life realizes they never really lived or accomplished what they set out to accomplish. This can be a very depressing feeling for a person that has spent their lives trying to reach a goal. But reaching a goal takes sacrifice and commitment, so we must never give up on achieving our dreams.

Poem About Mistakes | No Mistakes

An insightful poem about mistakes explaining the true nature of making mistakes from Kyli Santiago's second poetry book "An Inspired Poet." Although it’s a short piece, “No Mistakes” is a poem about mistakes that contains a lot of wisdom. Feelings like guilt, regret, remorse and shame are all related to the idea of making a mistake. And all of these feelings and feelings like these, keep you focused on the past. When you are focused on the past, it is impossible to move forward in your life – when this happens you are creating your own personal ‘hell’ on earth. Forgiveness and acceptance (of yourself and others) are the only ways to be released from the past. And once you’ve done this - you can begin to make better, more responsible decisions in the future.

Poem of Encouragement | On My Way

A motivational poem of encouragement about pursuing your dreams. It is not uncommon to pursue a dream for years with full commitment and still feel like you are getting nowhere. The challenge is to not give up during these trying times when your faith and commitment are being tested. Because all your previous effort will be wasted and will have been for nothing. “On My Way” is a poem of encouragement that motivates you to keep going, even when you feel stagnant. Because the time will come when you are given the green light and you will begin to move forward again. So, don’t give up because you will eventually see results for all your hard work and commitment to pursuing your dreams.

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