Myself Poem | Put Myself First

"PUT MYSELF FIRST" - a provocative myself poem in which the speaker explains the reasons for their dedication to self from Kyli Santiago's third book of poetry "Love, Life and Disappointment." Our society conditions us to put family and friends before our own needs and well-being – even if they haven’t earned it. However, in most cases this is not the best way to achieve happiness in our lives. “Put Myself first” is shocking myself poem that sends the serious message that there is nothing wrong with being selfish in your life, and taking the time and space you need to tend to your own needs, accomplish your own goals and just live the kind of life you wish for you.


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Interesting Thought Poem | Lurking

An interesting thought poem about dark memories and their effects on one’s life. More than you know, memories of past hurts and negative experiences can have a major impact on our day to day lives. When we choose not to acknowledge and deal with painful memories they can remain deep in our subconscious mind. These painful memories and thoughts never truly go away. Instead, as the interesting thought poem “Lurking” shows, they resurface in our reactive responses, undesirable personality traits and even influence how we interact with the world.

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Life poetry that encourages you to challenge the limitations of life. Every aspect of life and the way we are told we should live it, has been created and defined by someone else – including what is right and what is wrong; what is success and what is failure. “What if?” is thought-provoking life poetry that challenges you to step out of the box and define life on your own terms. By asking you questions that help you to imagine what your life would be like if you actually took actions to change it by living it differently. This could be the key to unlock the door to true happiness and fulfillment.

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A conscious lost generation poem about the importance of going within. With the high-paced, ultra-social and materialistic nature of today, comes a loss of substance and direction. It seems as though our present generation is controlled by technology, the internet, social media and the marketing tactics of for-profit corporations. “Unofficial Generation” is a powerful lost generation poem that compels us to begin to living with more depth, awareness and meaning by acknowledging our inner essence, soul or higher-selves. It challenges us to ‘believe in something’ and not falling victim to the common superficial traps society has to offer. We are here to live a life of meaning and of purpose and it is imperative to take full advantage of this opportunity while we’re here.

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