Lyrical & Balled Poetry – We know you will enjoy!

It’s a known fact that music and poetry are closely related. If a poem rhymes, tells a story and has a musical quality, it can be classified as a ballad poem or lyrical poetry. A traditional ballad poem in its strictest form alternates lines of four and three beats, often in quatrains, rhymed abab, are usually eight or six syllables in a line, and often telling a story. However, modern ballad poems are not so stringent. In fact, in today’s day and age, short ballad poems, rhythm and rhyme poems, folk ballad poems, narrative poems and simple poems can all contain characteristics that qualify them as good ballad and lyrical poetry.

Just as music can have poetic lyrics - ballad poems can be rhythmic poetry that rhymes. Similar to songs of today, the lyrical, narrative and ballad poems on our list all tell emotional stories from the point of view of the speaker. And just like singing along to your favorite song, we know you are sure to enjoy them!




A lyrical story poem that tells the tale of a kind man that was misunderstood by those around him

King of Kings


A very special funeral poem worthy enough for any significant other who has passed away

Into This World


Rhythmic poetry that uses poetic lyrics to tell the story of couple who had a child for the wrong reasons

My Happiness


Emotional lyrical poetry that tells the story of two lovers making a choice between love and living their dreams

Her Worth


An engaging lyrical poem that tells a story of three different women suffering from low self-esteem

Fear Has No Father


A captivating lyrical ballad poem that tells a wonderful story of overcoming fear

Secret Life


An incredible deception poem with poetic lyrics that tells the stories of two dishonest men

Cloak of Cupid


Possibly the best love poem of today taking you on an amazing journey of self-love


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