Love Poems – Love is in the air!

Love is in the air! Love poems have a special way of being able to put into words the depth of the passion, desire and affection we feel for another human being. Because of this, love poems and poetry about love of all kinds, hold a special place in our world.

It’s safe to say, that if we are not already in love - we all hope to fall in love someday. We all want that special someone to spend our days and nights with; to be passionate with, to eventually marry and start a family with. These innate desires are at the core of what make us human. In the past, the only acceptable form of a romantic loving relationship was considered to be between a man and a woman. However, this narrow view is no longer the case. Now a days, love and romance comes in all varieties, colors and orientations. The bottom line is, that love and the definition of love can no longer be put in a box. And, nor can the poetry that describes it.

With this in mind, the original love poems included on our list covers a wide range of topics about love - from the joy of falling in love to the hurt of heartbreak; from the deep emotions that grow from long-lasting relationships to the magic of love at first site. We encourage you to check out our charming list of original spoken word love poems for your enjoyment!


You In My Life


A brilliant love poem about the emotions that can overwhelm a person in love

My Everything


A sweet short love poem that says everything you want to say

Didn't Know It Then


A one-sided love poem about being taken advantage of in a new relationship

Cloak of Cupid


Possibly the best love poem of today ... takes you on an amazing journey

Lost My Way


A short poem about love that portrays a dependable lover despite difficulties

Say Amen


A romantic poem for him that describes the relationship deeper than love

In My Dreams


A romantic love poem in which a woman expresses her desire to be more loving

7 Days Ago


A loving, heart-felt anniversary poem that recalls sweet moments

Far Away From You


I love you poem about the desire to be close despite relationship difficulties


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