Life & Transformational Poetry – Look at life differently!

Life is about evolution and personal growth. This is why life poetry, poems about transformation and life changing poems are so popular. Good poems about life have the ability to resonate with us on a deeper level.

The school of life can be challenging. Situations and circumstances often arise that challenge us to persevere, exhibited courage and ultimately grow from them. Poetry on life, struggle poems, sad life poems, even short life poems can stir deep emotions that can have a cleansing effect on a person. Not only that, but good life poems and poetry can also be inspirational and beautiful, causing you to change the way you perceive your experience and your current circumstances.

Whether you are looking for a life poem about overcoming a struggle, getting past a traumatic experience, or a meaningful poem about life that makes you look at life differently – you’ll find what you’re searching for in our impressive collection of life poems.


A Brighter Tomorrow


A good poem about life about letting go of the past in order to have a brighter future

Common Disorder


A short poem with deep meaning examining big questions about life

I'm Not Laughing


A reflective poem about failing in which a person is looking back on their life



A childhood memory poem in which the speaker recalls distant memories

Higher Ground


A motivational short poem on life about disconnecting from negative relationships

Roller Coaster


A deep poem about life that embraces the beauty of life's uncertainty

Finding My Way


A short motivational poem about cultivating a sense of belief in yourself

Things Change


An interesting poem about change shedding light on  the nature of Karma

Unchangeable Past


Rhythmic regret sorry poem that  personifies the past as a treacherous villain

If You Only Knew


A depression poem in which the speaker expresses the origins of her sadness

Not Willing to Lose


A self-love poem in which the speaker is unwilling to give up her identity for approval

Put Myself First


A provocative myself poem in which the speaker explains their dedication to self

Save Myself


An emotional mother poem about releasing damaging relationships

Cloak of Cupid


Possibly the best love poem of today ... taking you on an amazing journey

No Mistakes


An insightful poem about mistakes explaining the true nature of making mistakes

Never Felt So Free


A liberating confidence poem about ending a damaging relationship

Compassion vs. Tolerance


An insightful compassion poem that challenges a person avoiding life



Profound poetry about healing that explains releasing hurt throught art



An impassioned rape poem in which a young woman confronts her ex-boyfriend



A very deep poem about life that encourages you to look at things in a different light

Change Is A Comin'


A wonderful poem of inspiration about looking forward to a bright new future


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