Inspirational & Motivational Poetry – A boost of positive energy!

It is no secret that poems and spoken word poetry can be used as a tool to inspire and to motivate. Inspirational poems and motivational poetry give us the inner-strength we need to persevere in almost any situation. The powerful words contained in poems of inspiration, encouraging poems and uplifting poems can help influence us to overcome fear, doubt, anxiety and many other negative thoughts that can get in the way of achieving our goals and dreams. 

It is not uncommon for people to memorize a few lines of motivational poetry, or even an entire inspirational poem in order to remind them to stay strong when they are feeling hopeless, unhappy or just need a pick-me-up. This is a powerful exercise. If you’ve never done this, we encourage you to try it. Witness for yourself how poetry has the ability to uplift you and add a boost of positive energy to your day. The original inspirational poems and motivational poetry listed here, are pefect poems to start with.

Whether you are looking for that special poem to help you keep moving forward to achieve success, inspire you to follow your dreams, help increase your self-esteem or even give you the courage to take a stand for yourself – you are sure to find to find it here!


Sisters & Brothers


An inspirational family poem about the importance of family connections

Single Mother Soldier


A single-mother poem celebrating single-mothers for all that they do

Finding My Way


A short motivational poem about cultivating a sense of belief in yourself

They Know


An inspiring cool poem about believing in a force greater than yourself

Choose Love


Empowering poetry on life about standing strong in the face of fear

On My Way


A motivational poem of encouragement about pursuing your dreams

Steal My Spirit


An empowering bullying poem that reveals the weaknesses of bullies

Change Is A Comin'


A wonderful poem of inspiration about looking forward to a bright new future


Shining Star


An inspirational poem for women to empower women in abusive relationships

Wheels Keep Turning


A motivational easy poem that encourages you to keep moving forward in life



An encouraging poem conveying a vital message about inner-strength



Fun poetry inspiration poem about expressing yourself and being yourself

Higher Ground


A motivational short poem on life about disconnecting from negative relationships

Walking Away


A powerful uplifting poem about taking the power back in your life


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