Emotional Poetry – Communicating the depths of human emotions!

Oftentimes, in order to get to the depth of the feeling, the words used to describe emotions need to be as fluid and as colorful as the emotions themselves. Emotional poetry and deep emotional poems have the ability translate some of the darkest human emotions into words. Sometimes it’s not enough just to say the words sadness, anger or pain. These words are just words on a piece of paper, until a poet comes along and transcends the limitation of language by giving these strong emotions true life and meaning.

Emotional poetry has the unique ability to heal a person by having a cathartic effect on their psyche. This is the true power of deep emotional poetry. Just by reading the words used to describe an emotional event or a personal struggle in the form of a deeply emotional poem, one’s life can forever be changed for the better.

We invite you to view our list of emotional poetry and witness for yourself their profound power to tap into the pain, sadness and emotional struggle that cannot be ignored as part of the human experience!


If You Only Knew


A serious depression poem in which the speaker reveals origins of her sadness

Mental Prison


Inspiring suicide poetry about overcoming the detrimental effects of depression



Sad poetry in which young girl reveals the origins of her low self-esteem

Lost All Faith


Moving very sad poetry that candidly shares intense feelings of hopelessness

The Last Time


An emotional hurt poem in which the person has reached their breaking-point



A simple poem that asks a serious question about letting go of anger

Save Myself


An emotional mother poem about releasing damaging relationships

I Wish


A depressing poem revealing the innermost thoughts of a depressed person

Break Away


Emotional poetry confessing it's often the people closest to you that hurt you most

Faith and Insanity


An introspective faith poem about the difficulties of pursuing your dreams

Little Black Girl


A moving short sad poem in which a young girl exhibits signs of low self-image



An intense anxiety poem detailing the experience of an anxiety attack



An impassioned rape poem in which a young woman confronts her ex-boyfriend

I'm Not Laughing


A reflective poem about failing in which a person is looking back on their life

Lethal Desire


A self-esteem poem that reveals the negative thoughts behind trying to be perfect

Conversations with Suicide


A compelling suicidal poem personifying Suicide as a persuasive evil character



An interesting thought poem about dark memories and their effects on one’s life

Not Willing To Lose


A self-love poem in which the speaker is unwilling to give up her identity for approval


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