Deep Poetry – Thoughts about life and our experiences!

Poetry has been used to stimulate the minds of people since poets, prophets, seers and philosophers began indulging in the art form. In fact, deeper thinking and poetry are almost synonymous. One of the most beautiful things about poetry as an art form, is that it causes us to think more deeply. Thought-provoking poetry can be entertaining, while at the same time stimulating age-old questions about life, it’s meaning, our connection to the world around us, and our place in it all.

Poetry is a very special art form because it allows us to paint vivid pictures with words. These word-pictures are usually insightful poems that induce deeper thought about our lives and the world we live in. As humans, we naturally want to understand things. Listening to deep poetry is an excellent way to accomplish this goal.

Our list of original thought-provoking poetry includes deep poems that question the meaning of life, controversial societal issues, the intricacies of human relationships and much more. Just give them a listen, they are sure to delight you and stimulate deeper thought!




A very deep poem about life that encourages you to look at things in a different light

What If?


Deep life poetry that challenges you to define life on your own terms

Unchangeable Past


Rhythmic regret sorry poem that  personifies the past as a treacherous villain

Break Away


Emotional poetry confessing it's often the people closest to you that hurt you most

Unofficial Generation


A powerful lost generation poem compelling us to live with more awareness

Common Disorder


A short poem with deep meaning examining big questions about life

Building Blocks


Wise short poetry stressing the importance of being deliberate with our thoughts

Behind Your Smile


An intelligent bad friendship poem about being cautious of company we keep

Become Present


A mindful poetry that explains the benefits of living life in the present

Compassion vs. Tolerance


An insightful compassion poem that challenges a person avoiding life

Power of Word


A smart short poem about how words can damage a relationship

Conspiracy Theory


A thought provoking poetry that urges people to become more conscious

No Mistakes


An insightful poem about mistakes explaining the true nature of making mistakes

Put Myself First


A provocative myself poem in which the speaker explains their dedication to self


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