Death, Grief & Missing You Poems – Comfort during difficult times

Death poems and poetry about loss play a significant role in our lives. Poems about death, funeral poems, grief poems and missing you poems truly have the gift of bringing us comfort during the difficult times and dealing with the loss of a loved one.

It’s the inescapable reality that we all share – death is a part of life. Whether the loss of a loved one was caused by a sudden accident, a long endured sickness like cancer or the unexpected tragedy of suicide, coping with the sadness is never easy. However, condolence poems, eulogy poems, and other poems for the dead, have proven to deliver solace in otherwise uncontrollable circumstances. They help us to get through the pain, eventually accept the loss and give us the strength move on in life.

Whether you are looking for a short poem about death to ease your pain, or a loss poem that will resonate with the intensity of the feeling of sadness that comes with losing someone close – you will find our list of original death poems to be emotionally raw and beautifully inspiring.


Since You Left


A sad missing you poem about missing someone you love

At The Core


A short poem about death describing the pain one feels when losing a loved-one

Stormy Nights


A sorrowful grief poem about missing someone who has passed away

Here and After


A deeply inspirational death poem about dealing with grief from a positive perspective

I Can't Help It


A sincere I miss you poem that deals with the emotions of loss and regret

I'll Never Know


A death poem about suicide expressing confusion over unanswered questions

One Last Kiss


A sad poem about death about losing a loved-one to suicide

Opportunity Lost


A poem about death of a loved-one showing regret over a broken relationship in life

Precious Gift


A tender poem about loss recounting a visit from the person who has passed

King of Kings


A very special funeral poem worthy enough for anyone who has passed away

Gone Suddenly


A sad pet loss poem mourning the loss of a pet that has suddenly died


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