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If you are soul searching or looking to become more spiritual, our daily spirituality messages and soul quotes can help!  Seeking a deeper spiritual connection to higher powers goes hand-in hand with trying to find a deeper meaning to life.  And the inspirational poetry quotes about the soul and spiritual quotes you find here, are guaranteed to help you tap into your inner-powers, aid you in becoming more connected to your soul and provide you support as you continue along your spiritual journey.

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Our soul and spiritual quotes are sure to improve your knowingness of your inner-self and increase the connection to your higher-self.  And what makes them even more powerful, is that you can click on the link in the description and listen to the entire poem that the soul quote was taken from.  This total experience of soul poetry quote can be used as a tool to help you gain more insight, get you more in tuned with your spirituality and help you to create a deeper connection with your higher-self. We encourage you to give it a try!

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"The Soul is my friend
with me to the end
never leading me astray...

When I’m in a pinch or a pickle
I turn to my Soul so
it can help me find my way.

-Kyli Santiago

This soul quote is from "The Force" - a spiritual poem about how to succeed in life. click to listen

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"I let my Higher-Self guide me
and show me the way."

-Kyli Santiago

This insightful higher self quote is from "Put Myself First" - a provocative poem in which the speaker explains their dedication to self. click to listen

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"Mother of my Soul,

I summon you into my awareness

I taste your sweetness

I feel your coldness

And long to experience you
in pure consciousness

-Kyli Santiago

This religious quote is from "Mother of My Soul" - a spiritual poem about god that acknowledges a higher-power. click to listen

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"There’s more than just surface
there’s more than meets the eye

To remember yourself
you must go deep inside

-Kyli Santiago

This spiritual quote is from "Prophetess" - a poem about receiving divine communication from higher forces. click to listen

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"I heard you calling me deep from within deeper than I’ve ever been

Your silent voice waking me from the sleepless dream that has kept me captive for a lifetime

Telling me that life could be so much more than the monotonous cycle of meaningless bullshit that I am currently living

You peaked me interests so I came."

-Kyli Santiago

This amazing quote is from "40 Days" - an insightful poem explaining how to connect to your higher-self. click to listen

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"Why was I not told
that you would complete me
and make me whole?

Does the world not know
the eternal beauty of the Soul?"

-Kyli Santiago

This good quote is from "Another Part of Me" - a deep spiritual poem about connecting to your soul. click to listen

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"Infinite Soul,

Thank you for giving me my dreams

Though the vision I see before me is not not before my eyes

It’s what keeps me moving forward

Through all my pain and sacrifice"

-Kyli Santiago

This appreciation quote is from "So Blessed" - a spiritual thank you poem that expresses gratitude to higher forces guiding one's life. click to listen