Relationship Quotes that Help You Release Raw Emotion

Whether it’s a romantic relationship, a friendship or a relationship with a family member – we all know that relationships can be challenging. They can put us through a wide range of emotions that are not always the most positive. That’s why relationship quotes and quotes on relationships are so popular today. They help us to get through some of the pain that a difficult relationship may cause.

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If you’re looking for a bad relationship quote, sad relationship quote, hurt quote, or any other quote about relationships - our relationship quotes from poetry can resonate with your emotions and giving you the strength to deal with your situation. And what makes our poetry quotes on relationships and hurt quotes even more impactful, is that you can click on the link in the description and listen to the poem that the quote is from. This way you can fully experience the quote by listening to the it in its original context.

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"Mentally you punished me

Emotionally you scarred me

And now all that’s left of me
you want to control

You tell me that you’re there for me

But then you callously pull away from me

These selfish actions hurt me
more than you know"

-Kyli Santiago

This relationship quote is from "Your Love Is My Pain" - a sentimental love poem about stopping the hurt in a relationship. click to listen

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"Sitting here now,
I’m painfully reminded of my inadequacies

Remembering how I tried to get you to love me

Wondering why you couldn’t."

-Kyli Santiago

This sad relationship quote is from "SinceYou Left" - a heartfelt poem about missing someone you love. click to listen


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"First you love me, then you hate me

Idolize me, then negate me

Your actions break my heart.

First you smile, then deplore me

Adore me, then ignore me

These mental games must stop."

-Kyli Santiago

This relationship problem quote is from “Loveless Game” - an emotional abuse love poem about the effects of a hurtful relationship. click to listen

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"The people around me are driving me crazy

I can no longer put up with their negativity

I can no longer let them continue to hate on me

I will no more endure their toxic energy

And I’m done pretending that I can’t see their jealousy"

-Kyli Santiago


This bad friend quote is from "Break Away" - a poem about the people closest to you hurting you the most.  click to listen

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"I’m not pretending
that you’ve changed
your hurtful ways

I’m not pretending
that you’ve changed when
you’ve stayed the same"

-Kyli Santiago

This bad relationship quote is from "Not Pretending" - an emotional poem about ending a troubled relationship. click to listen

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"My trusted friend has crooked ways

So, what’s a girl to do?

You’ve put me in a bad position

A jeopardizing situation

Which has led me to conclude
that I must get rid of you"

-Kyli Santiago

This bad friendship quote is from "Trusted Friend" - a sobering poem about betrayal in a friendship. click to listen

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"This will be the last time that you ever make me cry.

This will be the last time that you hurt me deep inside.

I swear it’s the last time.

This I vow right now!

Because today is the beginning of the end."

-Kyli Santiago

This hurt quote is from "The Last Time" - a moving short poem about stopping the hurt in a relationship. click to listen

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"You know that I love you and would do anything for you

But you can’t continue to hurt me the way you do

If you really love me the way that you tell me

Then you’ve got to see that the way that you treat me

Cuts like a knife and it’s not alright"

-Kyli Santiago

This quote on relationships is from "Cuts Like A Knife" - a poem expressing the feelings of someone that is being hurt in a bad relationship. click to listen