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"Baby girl, you don’t know
how beautiful you are

You’re like a bright shining star

Whose light has dimmed down low

Because you don’t know
the power you hold"

-Kyli Santiago

This best quote is from "Shining Star" - an inspirational poem empowering women. click to listen

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"My life is not worthless

My life is not hopeless

Not worth suicide-

My life is priceless"

-Kyli Santiago

This famous quote is from "Mental Prison" - an inspiring poem about the overcoming effects of depression. click to listen


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"Stand strong and
push all fear aside

Because it cannot survive
in the presence of your light"

-Kyli Santiago

This motivational quote is from "Fear Has No Father"- a the captivating poem that tells story of overcoming fear. click to listen

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"The little girl in me died yesterday

I woke up feeling like a woman today

And I’m happy to say

That I’m here to stay"

-Kyli Santiago

This positive quote is from "Save Myself" - a powerful poem about releasing damaging relationships. click to listen

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"I’ve made my mistakes
learned from my past

I’ve set my goals now
I must hold fast

‘til they come to pass"

-Kyli Santiago

These inspirational words are from "On My Way" - a motivational poem about pursuing your dreams. click to listen

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"Keep on searching

and you’ll keep on finding"

-Kyli Santiago

This inspirational saying is from "Keep Searching" - an inspirational poem encouraging you to get the most out of life. For more inspirational poems click to listen

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"Make a statement to yourself

And you make a statement to the world –

Defining yourself,

Expressing yourself,

Being yourself!"

-Kyli Santiago

This inspirational quote is from “Play” - a fun poem that encourages you to express yourself! click to listen

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"What if you didn’t care about what they thought –

Their judgments and opinions?

But you did it anyway…

How would you feel then?"

-Kyli Santiago

This inspirational quote about life is from "What If?" - a poem that challenges the limitations of life. click to listen

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"You can’t steal my spirit

You can’t never take my shine

You can’t steal my spirit

What’s mine is mine, is mine"

-Kyli Santiago

This confidence quote is from "Steal My Spirit" - an anti-bullying poem that will truly empower you! click to listen

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"It was a Sunny Day

that came and took

my tears away."

-Kyli Santiago

This happy quote is from "Sunny Day" - a cheerful poem that reminds to enjoy the little things in life. click to listen