Emotional Quotes that Tap into Your Deepest Feelings

If you are going through a difficult time and are looking for something to ease your pain, an emotional quote could be exactly what you looking for.  Emotional quotes about depression, anger, loneliness, sadness and pain are good way to tap into and release those raw emotions that we all experience at one time or another. Just reading an emotional quote can have an extremely cathartic effect, help you to heal from your pain, and bring you real comfort.
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Emotional quotes from poetry are extremely healing in themselves. And what makes them even more powerful, is that you can click on the link in the description and you can listen to the entire poem of origin related to the specific quote you are interested in.  Doing so will allow you to discover it’s true meaning and listen to the quote in its original context. This total experience of an emotional poetry quote can truly help you deal with and overcome any emotional difficulty you may be experiencing. We encourage you to give it a try.

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"I knew from a very early age

That I would always be flawed."

-Kyli Santiago

This sad quote is from "Flawed" - an emotional poem revealing the origins of a young girl's low self-esteem. click to listen

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"I will not give into the darkness that is trying to hold me back

Instead ... I will fight for my future because it’s meant to be."

-Kyli Santiago

This encouraging quote is from "Whispers" - an emotional poem about the importance of inner-strength. click to listen


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"The people around me are driving me crazy

I can no longer put up with their negativity

I can no longer let them continue to hate on me

I will no more endure their toxic energy

And I’m done pretending that I can’t see their jealousy"

-Kyli Santiago

This feelings quote is from "Break Away" - a poem about the people closest to you hurting you the most.  click to listen

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"The little girl in me died yesterday

I woke up feeling like a woman today

And I’m happy to say

That I’m here to stay"

-Kyli Santiago

This best quote about life is from "Save Myself" - a powerful poem about releasing damaging relationships. click to listen

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"I never felt so free before
I never felt so loved

I never felt so me before
I was so messed up

Until I severed the chains
and ended the pain
you brought to my life"

-Kyli Santiago

This emotional quote is from "Never Fedlt So Free" - a liberating poem about ending a damaging relationship. click to listen

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"If you cared to ask why my days were blue

Then maybe you’d understand my rage

My heart’s been torn out
My dreams taken away

My hope has run out
and my skies stay grey

If you cared to ask
then you would know"

-Kyli Santiago

This depression quote is from “If You Only Knew” - an emotional poem about a sad person suffering inside. click to listen

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"I am constantly striving
for perfection
for flawlessness

Something I know
deep in my heart
that I can never achieve"

-Kyli Santiago

This self-confidence quote is from "Lethal Desire" - a self-esteem poem about self-doubt and negative thinking. click to listen