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As human beings, it is our nature to try and understand the world around us. And there’s nothing like a good deep quote or thought-provoking quote to get your mind going! The deep thought and thought-provoking poetry quotes you find here will stimulate your mind and get you thinking and asking questions about all types of interesting things - the meaning of life, controversial societal issues, relationships and so much more!

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"To master the present
requires presence

Only the conscious
receive the gift."

-Kyli Santiago

This deep strong quote is from "Become Present" a mindful poem about living life in the present. click to listen

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"Sometimes you have to stop seeing yourself the way that others see you

And see yourself for
who you really are..."

-Kyli Santiago

This self quote is from "Sometimes" - a thought provoking poem encouraging you to look at life differently. click to listen


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"Live your Now with more awareness

Make your every move much more deliberate

Be sure your actions and intentions are creating the kind of future that you can one day live with."

-Kyli Santiago

This powerful quote is from "Unchangeable Past" - a deep poem that expresses disappointment over past actions.  click to listen

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"I see through the chains that bond you

They are clear

And the moment you see through them too

You will be free"

-Kyli Santiago

This meaningful quote is from "Compassion vs Tolerance" - an insightful poem about self-sabotage. click to listen

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"All answers reside in the heart

True intention and motivation

This is where they are"

-Kyli Santiago

This happy quote is from "Mental Prison" - an inspiring poem about the overcoming effects of depression. click to listen

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"The illusion of life
creates confusion of the mind

It manifests a common disorder
which is so easy to find

For, how can one command
that which one does not understand?"

-Kyli Santiago

This deep quote is from "Common Disorder" - a short poem that asks big questions about life. click to listen

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"You have to
look through eyes of

And see with more
than you usually do"

-Kyli Santiago

This thought-provoking quote is from "Compassion vs Tolerance" - an insightful poem about self-sabotage. click to listen

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"There’s more than just surface

There’s more than meets the eye

To remember yourself

You must go deep inside"

-Kyli Santiago

This deep life quote is from "Prophetess" - a conscious poem about receiving divine communication from higher forces. click to listen

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"I heard you calling me deep from within deeper than I’ve ever been

Your silent voice waking me from the sleepless dream that has kept me captive for a lifetime

Telling me that life could be so much more than the monotonous cycle of meaningless bullshit that I am currently living

You peaked me interests so I came."

-Kyli Santiago

This deep thought quote is from "40 Days" - an insightful poem explaining how to connect to your higher-self. click to listen