Death Quotes & Missing You Quotes that Help to Ease Your Pain

Although a death quote or missing you quote can never truly capture the intense shock and pain we feel after losing a loved one, they can still provide tremendous comfort following the death or the loss of someone close. Our collection of  I miss you quotes and loss quotes from poetry will help give you solace you in your time of mourning and bereavement.  

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Our missing you quotes and grief quotes can be very effective in helping you to cope with your loss. And each quote on this site is accompanied by the original poem it belongs to. So, if you feel that you would like to gain more insight into a specific grief quote you find here, be sure to click on the link provided in the quotes description to listen to the entire poem. Hearing the loss quote in its original context will hopefully provide you with even more strength and comfort during this difficult time.

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"You were gone so suddenly

Everything you were to me
was gone in an instant

Now I’m left going crazy"

-Kyli Santiago


This missing you quote is from "Gone Suddenly" - an emotional poem grieving the sudden loss of a loved one. click to listen

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"I believe in the here and after

I believe in tears overcome by laughter"

-Kyli Santiago


This inspirational death quote is from "Here and After" - a death poem dealing with loss from a positive perspective. click to listen


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"You’ve taken me on a most tumultuous ride

Taking your life by suicide

I could’ve never imagined that it would happen like this

You had to have known that you would be missed"

-Kyli Santiago


This suicide quote is from "One Last Kiss" - a sad poem about losing someone close to suicide. click to listen

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"Our Father was the
King of Kings

This world is different because of his reign

His loyal subjects, children and friends

Never wanted his reign to end

For he was their mentor, trusted leader and friend"

-Kyli Santiago


This grief quote if from "King of Kings" - a poem eulogiznig a special Father. click to listen

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"I can’t help it, I miss you

I think about you constantly

Wishes that you were still here
persistently come to me"

-Kyli Santiago


This I miss you quote is from "I Can't Help It" - an emotional grief poem expressing the sadness one feels after losing someone close. click to listen

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"I know it’s a deal

with the devil I make

If by suicide

my life I take"

-Kyli Santiago


This suicidal thoughts quote is from "Conversations with Suicide" - a compelling suicide awareness and prevention poem. click to listen