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It’s a fact - good quotes have the power to make a real difference in our lives. Words of wisdom, thought-provoking quotes and inspirational sayings from poetry take this concept to another level.Quotes taken from poetry are very special. Not only do they have the unique ability to tap into your raw emotion, they can also transmit a powerful message that contains immense feeling and insight. Because poetry quotes are actual words and lines of poetry expressed as stand alone thoughts - they contain real depth that has the power to influence your way of thinking and truly help to change your life experience for the better.
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Each amazing quote on our site is accompanied by the original poem it belongs to. So, if you read a great quote here that you want to get deeper insight on, or would like to know its original context, simply click the link in the description and you can listen to the entire poem of origin related to the specific quote you are interested in.
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Whether you are looking for deep quotes, missing you quotes, life quotes, sad quotes, death quotes, relationship quotes, inspirational quotes, or even spiritual quotes... We encourage you to check out our unique collection of powerful quotes taken from some of the best poetry written today. They are sure to move you!